Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Improper Punch in the Face

I’ve just removed a blog from weeks back that was called ‘A Proper Punch in the Face.’ Even though this blog is pure fiction, the bones of the story came from an experience that a friend of mine had. As the person in question lives in Germany and is currently in Africa for three months I haven’t a clue how she’s getting on. But that’s not why I removed it. I removed it because another friend’s ex was pointed to my blog by a work colleague of his, and he decided that the piece was about him. He picked out the parts that he connected with and posted up some vitriolic comments on how the other parts, because they were not true of his particular situation, should be removed – but self centred people can be like that, they only see their own story and don’t understand that there are more than a handful of people occupying the universe at present.
I decided to take down the blog because vitriolic people should have all sharp instruments removed from their reach, as there is likelihood they will use them as weapons. The pen is a mighty weapon; someone once almost gouged my eye out with one. The pencil though, is sharper albeit lighter. Similarly, a blog post is a weapon. Just look how that anonymous blog reader shot himself in the foot with my blog. He read a piece of fiction based on the story of a German woman who is now in Africa, but related so strongly to it that he then wrote a comment telling the world that he had been abusive himself, just not to the extent of the woman in my blog. He outlined and shared his abuse story in the comment. Brave.
I suppose that’s the whole purpose of T.V. Soaps and writing in general though: to create characters that seem so real we can all relate to them.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll blog about an undiscovered and unappreciated genius. I can relate to that…

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