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Sexy Quips

   I can never really work out what it is you are meant to do with your life in order to qualify as a worthwhile woman. If you are into things like fashion and glamour you will be deemed as weak and pandering to men as their playthings. If you have a career you will hear about how bad it is for your children and how women are difficult to work for, worse than men and more ambitious. Chose to stay at home with your kids and you’ve lost it all together, because that means you have become an unpaid skivvy pandering to the needs of little people who will grow up to hate you. A homemaker is also a dead loss. It means you cook and clean for free and also take orders and abuse for doing so. Getting married is not cool either, nor is staying single. Married women have sold themselves to the enemy, while singles are self obsessed old maids.
I still have to work out my own role as a woman. Unfortunately I love cooking and hate cleaning which leaves me fat and living in a dump. I love having kids, am even enjoying them as teens, but have to conceal my bohemian lifestyle from them just in case they grow up wild and free, and who in all fairness wants to end up like their parents? I fear the worst for my children. The oldest has expressed an interest in accountancy. I worry about bringing up children who might get mixed up in corporate lifestyles and wear suits. Next thing it’ll be banking, or politics and we all know that this sort of thing can land you in prison.
But that’s the thing, isn’t it? Whatever you do is likely to be either praised or frowned upon. What if women in business were not tough and ambitious? Well then they’d be criticised for not being up for the challenge. And what if there was nobody to make dinner? I totally agree that it’s not just the woman’s job to do all these things, but where does the divide between the genders start and finish?
There must be something I don’t get about feminism, and just to clarify that, I do consider myself a feminist, but I also like the ad for Hunky Dory’s with the rugby girl flashing her tits. She looks tough and up for a wrestle, and she really doesn’t make women look like all they’re good for is sex. In fact, the ad kind of challenges that if you ask me. And let’s face it, if you do have to generalise about women, the one thing they all seem to have in common is the ability to multi-task, so this girl is just as likely to be a PhD student out to earn some extra cash and a few free boxes of crisps. But apparently, no, there have been thousands of complaints to say it’s in bad taste, vulgar and all that.
Tell you one thing for nothing, if I had that girls body I’d probably go round in a very low cut t-shirt with the words ‘in case you hadn’t noticed, I am (amongst other things)  a babe’ written on it. (And when you're as big as I am, you can fit a lot of words onto a t-shirt.)
I wonder if the poster had been of a man in a sexy pose would there have been as many complaints? More than that though, I wonder how many of the complaints about the distasteful ad came from men?


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