Friday, January 4, 2013

Lucky for Some - 13!

So I guess the first Arsekick of the year should be just about that - another year.
13 just so happens to be my lucky number. My son and my brother were both born on the 13th, and 13 is also a baker's dozen, and that means that normally the 13th cake is mine...

Looking back though, 12 was a good and lucky year. It was madly turbulent with the big move from the wild west of Ireland to the nice calm city outskirts of Karlsruhe, in the sunny south of Germany.
But it was a good move and even if I miss Galway, and Dublin and people and landscape and culture and basic good manners from people in shops, I'm still better here. It just feels like that.

And probably the best piece of luck I had all year was losing my job. Of course it didn't seem like that at the time. At the time I believed that it was a great challenge living away from home Monday to Friday without any thanks. I decided  that this must be how some organisations operate and practised the buddhist art of acceptance.
But in the end, to quote Rita-Levi Montalcini:  “Above all, don’t fear difficult moments. The best comes from them." And she should know, she won the nobel prize for something to do with nerve growth, and lived to be 103, passing away just last week (R.I.P.)

And that is really what happens, the best things are born from the most trying of times, so here I am working for a consultancy, doing work that actually makes a difference, working less hours and making more money. I also learnt that job security is actually at it's lowest when you are employed. Being self employed at least you always know where you stand, and that in turn, gives you the impetus to make things successful. 

So anyways, the year 13...
I did trawl the internet to find out some reasons why 13 is actually a lucky number and it's not very generous on the topic. I did find a piece that said that there are 13 steps on the ladder to eternity in Egyptian mythology, and that the 13th step is where the soul leaves the body. I'm still not sure if it was meant to be a good or a bad thing. 
Having pulled a Tarot Card for the year at a New Year's Eve Party I got the card 'Death'. Yeah, I know, death doesn't mean you are going to snuff it, it means endings and new beginnings, which was very apt for my good self having left a lot behind me in 2012. But today I decided that I would take out the 13th card in the Tarot set just to see what card matches the year. And yes, it was then that I realised that the 'Death' card is number 13.
So maybe numbers are more significant than one thinks. And if they are, then definitely, 13 is my lucky number!
Happy New Year!