Friday, July 9, 2010

Preaching to the Converted

When I first started writing the daily Arsekick I promised myself two things: that it wouldn’t be political and that I would post up a piece every weekday. I’m beginning to realise that everything is political, even t-shirts with slogans are political, as is suggesting that people ban the pyjama bottom or comparing one kind of corruption with another and all the other things I’ve blogged about. So I’ve started to realise that I’m less consistent and more political than I thought I was.

This week has been interesting. I came across a Facebook group called ‘support the re-opening of Mosney’ or something like that. Well, having worked with asylum seekers, I’d already felt my stomach balk at the thought of the people living there being uprooted overnight and sent to random parts of the country to re-establish their already turbulent lives. So I joined, thinking that this was a page calling for the place to remain open.

Not so.

The page is, in fact, a holiday camp for racist commentary, one’s like this:

To say asylum seeker is funi there money grabbing foreigners tat are responsible for mst of the problems in tis country. (Janice Smith) 

We won’t say anything about the spelling. After all, that would be prejudice and the goal is not to make assumptions about people, in any sense. I reported the page to Facebook, but nothing happened, and having pointed others to the page there was a spin off of comments and articles, but in a way, you can write about these things till the cows come home, but really, you’re only preaching to the converted. People read and hear what suits them, so is there any point really in telling them some of the stories I’ve heard about the plight of people not as lucky as I am?
Yes, there are those who screw the system, but freeloaders are cannot be sorted out by the colour of their skin, their nationality or their political status. Freeloaders are abusers; from the likes of Sean Fitzpatrick, to those who scam dole money whilst working on the black economy, those who are feigning asylum, and posh whores who live off lovers. But how do you educate people about justice when you live in a totally corrupt society?
Well anyways, it got me rightly pissed off I must say, and to add to that I have some ear infection yoke going on and I’m really not a good patient. Very precious about myself with a tiny weenie pain threshold. So for that reason, there was no proper arsekicks for two days, only the ones I was giving myself by reading the run up to the next holocaust on a Facebook page.
So there you go, after all my excitement about writing a funny blog every day to cheer folk up, it turns out I’m an inconsistent political animal. I wonder what asylum seekers would think if they read all those comments, but luckily they won’t. They can’t afford things like laptops when they live on €19 a week.

Check out this great article on this great blog, by this great writer:

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